our story

"because your soul shines like the sun."

SOL SISTER was established in 2020 by Mikayla Shocks, inspired by her two daughters - the "sun and moon" in her life. Over the years, Shocks has built a large, loving community of young women through social media. With adoration and admiration towards her own soul sisters, Shocks founded SOL SISTER. She now creates customized clothing, jewelry, and all things lifestyle that reflect her own personal style of "casual, bohemian, glam," in an effort to continue to inspire women to feel beautiful, empowered, and confident, while banding together to support one another. 

Born and raised in California, Mikayla Shocks is a mother of two, and a lifestyle social media influencer. In 2016, Shocks decided to take a step into the life of entrepreneurship. Expanding her personal lifestyle brand all things raw, real and relatable.