Our LINEN collection is 100% hand-made in sunny Los Angeles by a minority owned, family run manufacturer. Our makers earn a fair living wage, work in safe + comfortable conditions, + ultimately contribute to reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the use of factory machinery. Our founders, Adrian + Mikayla Shocks chose linen as the fabric for several reasons:

Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibers, and even gets stronger + softer with each wash!

Linen is a highly breathable fabric. Its fibers are hollow, allowing air to freely circulate and keep you cool!

Linen is eco-friendly + biodegradable as it is produced from flax plant. This resilient plant can grow in poor quality soil + little water.


We proudly offer sizes XS - 3X for this collection. For further assistance and specifics, please refer to the sizing chart image below.

Our goal for this collection was to create is items that could be dressed up for outings and dressed down for comfortable loungewear. With this in mind, our items are made to fit loosely around your body, offering more room for movement, air flow and an overall a sense of comfortability.

Nope. We carefully designed the patterns of each design so that your true size will fit just the way we want it to. However, if you do want it to fit tighter, you can size down.

We recommend washing with cold or lukewarm water, using a gentle wash cycle and mild detergent to protect the fibers. While our items are preshrunk, we recommend hang drying as it is better overall for the fabric. With each wash, the items will become SOFTER! Care instructions will also be outlined on a tag inside the garments.

Linen itself is considered a luxurious fabric. This, coupled with the fact that our items are all made locally and sustainably, our manufacturers have to add extra care + time into their creations. We take pride being able to take steps towards ending fast fashion. All of this considered, our costs for creating the pieces are extremely high, however, we have made it our duty to provide high quality clothing that is sustainably and ethically made, at the lowest possible price.

Our LINEN collection is handmade by our manufacturer Jorge. At a young age, Jorge immigrated from Mexico to the United States in an attempt to pursue his passion in fashion design and patternmaking. In an effort to obtain more opportunities, he put himself through college to learn the English language. He perfected his craft while working for a few local patternmakers and eventually ventured to start his own patternmaking and clothing manufacturing business. Jorge works in his office in Downtown Los Angeles with his two employees. He hopes to be able to continue to grow his business and expand into a larger office space.

Jorge is the proud father of 3 daughters, all of which he has put through college with hopes of them finding their passions, like he did. While having different specific goals and dreams, they are all following in their influential father's footsteps and are working within the fashion and arts industry as well.