three buzz words that are everywhere. we could offer a million tips + ideas on ways to implement these things into your life, but they would mean nothing if you thought you weren't deserving of them in the first place. 

our focus, rather, should be on the most important thing of all:


unlike the others, self-worth is based on who you are - not about what you're doing, have done, or will do. self-worth is the golden ticket. no amount of bath bombs, facials, or meditation sessions can compete. and the best part is, you and only you are in control of it.

below are 5 ways to build up your self-worth.

1. challenge your inner critic

whenever you notice that the nasty little voice inside your brain starts to run her mouth, ask her to be quiet for a sec. does she have any basis in fact? is she being kind to you? is she even telling you anything that you need to know? if none of those things are true, then tell her to GTFO. look her in the eye and tell her that you are both worthy + valuable, despite what you do or don't do.

2. increase your self-understanding

imagine that everything you own + everything you've done, is suddenly taken away. relationships? gone. friendships? gone. social status? gone. job or education? gone. achievements? bye-bye. what if all you had left was just you? how would you feel? what would you now consider to be valuable about yourself?


3. get to know yourself on a deeper level

take some time to self-reflect. once you understand you, you’ve practically cracked the code and opened the gate to self-understanding and self-worth. the more you know about yourself, the better you can be at loving yourself more and more.

 answer these:

- who am i?

- who am i to the world?

- how do others speak about me?

- what key characteristics of mine define who i am today?

- what brings me the most fulfillment + joy?

4. acknowledge your weaknesses

- what areas do i struggle in most?

- where do i need to improve?

- what are my biggest fears?

- what mistakes have i made or tend to make?

- where do i let myself down?

5. forgive yourself

take any of your answers in number 4 and forgive yourself. accept the good, bad, and the ugly. accept the flaws, fears, and qualities you may be ashamed or embarrassed of. acknowledge that this is who you are, and be at peace with that.


understand yourself. accept yourself. love yourself. and know that neither your accomplishments, your ability to please others, nor any other external factor defines your worth.

only you can do that, sister.

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Mercedes May 20 2020

absolutely LOVED this. I needed to hear this today. thank you sm for always sharing !!! 💛

Dia’Monique May 19 2020

Okay but like you did not have to come for me that hard!!! Oh my gosh I needed this, thank you! 💛

Erica May 19 2020

Absolutely loved this! I needed this right now to help me understand that sometimes I need to be more kind to myself. The things I think about myself, I would NEVER say about another girl. This was so uplifting. Thank you!

Kenadee May 19 2020

This is beautiful and you are a queen❤️

Taylor May 19 2020

absolutely loved this!! so uplifting & so pure. This is honestly a breath of fresh air by just reading this. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!🧡

Lana May 19 2020

Best thing I’ve read today. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing your light 💛

Lauren Dale May 19 2020

Absolutely love this! Needed this today, thank you!

ALEXIS A May 19 2020

LOVE love love. Thank you for the tips mama!💛

Trinity May 19 2020


Sydney May 19 2020

LOVE this!!

Rylee Garland May 19 2020

this is everything, thank you Mama Shocks ❤️

Adriana Cyganska May 19 2020

This was so beautiful and soo true! Love these blog posts 🤍

Caitlin Williamson May 19 2020

You are so POWERFUL!!! This was so needed, not only by myself but by so many others. You are doing big things. SO proud of you & thank you 1000000×.

Heather Thomas May 19 2020

Well said! All of this is especially true for young women my age trying to find our way in the world…Keep doing your thing we love you for it!!

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